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Your Pet's Health

Food, Pollen and Household Toxins Sensitivity Testing

Emotional Release & BodyTalk

                            FOOD SENSITIVITY

Is the food you feed your pets really the best choice for them?

Animals, just like people, can develop intolerance to food, food additives or the combination of food ingredients.

Using your food samples or my vials of dehydrated food and safe, simple method of muscle testing, will help you understand what ingredients cause allergic reactions.

               SKIN PROBLEMS


Itchy skin, scratching, biting their skin can be caused by food intolerance, but also a sensitivity to pollen, pesticides, household toxins (formaldehyde in carpets, cleaning supplies and more). 

Painless, safe, accurate muscle testing with vials of those toxins and pollen will give answers to what troubles your pet. 


There is another way of finding what is happening to your pet. Using BodyTalk, we can simply ask your pet's body for guidance and for what needs to be reconnected, released and healed inside.





Emotions are the underlying cause of many,

if not all, physical problems.

If your pet seems to be behaving differently, it could be an emotion or more that need to be addressed and released.

When your Vet cannot find anything wrong with your pet, but it has a physical health problem, it will be again an emotion causing it.

Using simple methods for emotional release, your pet should immediately feel better and even pain can disappear right away.


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