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First Aid for Life course

One freezing day I dropped my kids at school and went back home through a completely frozen pathway. I was the only one there when I found a young boy laying on the ground crying. He said he fell on the ice and couldn't breathe. I asked his permission to help by testing him and quickly asked the body what he needed. It asked for a technique that helps when someone is in shock after an accident or trauma. I applied that very fast and he stood up and said that now he can breathe again and went to school. I restarted his brain so it could focus on the most important task-breathing! What a synchronicity that I met him and knew how to help without calling ambulance. I think everyone should know this and for that I am offering a course to share with you how to do not only this but how to help people when they have a stroke, so they don't end up paralyzed, how to restart your energy when feeling stressed out, exhausted, dizzy, not yourself. I will share many techniques as tools for you to help yourself and others. You never know who you meet on your path that you can save. Please contact me if interested.

We cover first aid:

  • For shock after trauma

  • When stroke happens

  • Dehydration due to water resistance (drinking a lot, urinating often and still thirsty/dry?)

  • Stressed to the limit and need a reset? 

  • Feeling empty, not here, not yourself ?

  • Connecting to your Soul

  • Balancing your brain for better memory, concentration, learning

  • Connect Body-Mind -Spirit 

  • Breathing technique, incl. help for asthma and allergies

  • Grounding techniques for better sleep, dizziness and more

  • Balance your energy with crystals and find peace and relaxation

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