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“I was 6 months pregnant when my doctor found a 5 cm fluid filled cyst by my right ovary. They monitored the cyst with the pregnancy and it kept growing, at one point it was 9 cm. I kept thinking it would go away on its own but it started to ache when I lay down to sleep. In my visit with Blashka we discussed emotions I was having at the time. I had supressed tears for my dad who recently passed away, and I had constant fears of whether my baby was going to be healthy (I was a medium risk pregnancy because I have Graves Disease). Identifying these emotions was the first big step in my therapy. Blashka then helped me to release those emotions I was holding and talked to my body, thanking my body for giving me a message about my health, and telling the body to release the cyst with love. One week later my cyst shrunk by 80%, and by the time I gave birth it was not detectable. Blashka continues to be my health and wellness guide and I am forever grateful.





I was generally skeptical of naturopaths but after 25 years of using different over the counter medicines with little to no success, I was willing to give it a try.  It’s been one of the best decisions I’ve ever made!  Blashka was able to detect what I was allergic to, and after one quick session, I have been allergy free for close to 10 years now!  Considering the thousands of dollars I have spent on allergy medicines over the years, this was one of the smartest investments I have made from both a financial and health perspective. 




I have had 2 body talk appointments with Blashka. After both sessions I left feeling so much more at peace and grounded with my emotions. Both times, I didn't need to give much information to start the healing. With Blashka's expertise and guidance my body was able to communicate what it needed and I began healing right away. I cannot recommend this enough! Everyone should be doing this kind of treatment as therapy, personal well being or for internal peace.



Dear Blashka
thank you very much for your help to find what was the origin of my allergic reaction. I remember some months ago I had an itchy allergy in my skin, allergic reactions are not new for me, but it was difficult to know where was the origin this time or where these allergic reactions will came. All my life I had these reactions, I know is possible came from food, plants, perfumes, animals, but find exactly what is, is very difficult. I went to the family doctor who sent me to the specialist. The specialist did the skin test and told me everything was ok,  he didn’t find the element who give me this reaction. Then, I went to see Blashka,  with her methods she find that my reactions came from the shrimps. Then was easy, I put the shrimps out of my food list and I never more had this itchy skin reaction

I love her methods, she is asking directly my body what is wrong, and my body give her the answer. She is incredible, very sweet and friendly personality and she has a lot of knowledge. She study for many years to understand the body expressions, how the body tell us what is wrong, Blashka find where is the cause of the unbalance and give the solutions in a simple and clear way I love to have this kind of sessions with her that help me to improve my health, and life, with little changes in my life and my food, discovering if the origin is Mental in relation with stress, an organization routine,  or physical with food or dust, this help me a lot..

Thank you again Blashka, to share your knowledge with us.



Connie about the long distance session:

I have had the pleasure of receiving two distant healing sessions with Blashka so far.  I can say that as a person she just exudes love!


I have had many personal challenges in my personal life and so I reached out to Blashka, knowing she could help.

As she worked on me remotely, I could feel heat in different areas of my body, as well as energy moving and shifting.  I felt waves of emotions, but in particular, love and peace.  Blashka channeled beautiful messages from angels and guides and other energetic beings that were there to help.  She even answered a question I had that I had not shared with her!


She is truly gifted and connected to a higher energy that many may not understand.  After receiving her healing and her guidance and messages I feel like a new revived person ready to carry on again!


I would highly recommend a distant healing session with Blashka.  She is truly a gift from above!  



I have been hiding from the sun for a few years now as I can’t tolerate the heat very well.  On top of that, at the beginning of last summer I started getting a red, itchy rash from any direct sunlight.  When summer started again this year, I was so disappointed when it returned. 

I reached out to Blashka as we had just met and I was desperate for help.  I wasn’t able to see her in person but she did a long distance session, found that I was sensitive to UVB rays and did a distance healing treatment. 

The next day I was able to sit in direct sunlight for 30 minutes with no rash and since then I have been able to be in direct sun with no reactions!

Blashka is so contentious, caring, thorough and effective.  Her approach emcompasses all angles related to any possible contributing factors to allergies so I knew I was well taken care of. 

If you are suffering from any sensitivities or allergies I would highly recommend seeing her for help. And, as lovely as she is to work with in person, it’s so amazing that you didn’t even have to see her in person for it to work!                                          




I know Blashka for more than 7 years. She is amazing in everything she does for her clients. Constantly studying and adding to her healing talents. The reason I keep going back to see her is that she finds ways to make me feel better and happier. Combining different modalities brings the best of all and helps understand  each individual situation better. Therefore finding the solution and balancing the body and mind is successful. I recommend Blashka to everyone who cares about being healthy and happy.



I actually found Blashka "by accident". I attended a workshop she was offering on hormones and within the hour had booked an appointment with her to continue what we had started. Blashka was able to identify food sensitives as well as hormone and vitamin issues I was dealing with. Once that was sorted out I booked several Body Talk sessions and was able to get a handle on some emotions and thought patterns I had struggled with for decades.  She provided me with a new way of seeing some situations which have changed my life. I will be forever grateful for this gentle, intuitive person. Thank you.



Thanks so much for the treatment on Tuesday. I was at exercise the next day and had NO pain in my left shoulder doing weights. I love the clearing and harmonizing that goes on in your treatments…that’s totally out of awareness….so easy and effortless. Thank you!!!



"After my BodyTalk treatment with Blashka, I felt as if a huge weight had been lifted from my chest and I could finally take a deep, fulfilling breath again. It was as if my soul had finally been returned to me after months of being detached. I had not realized how disconnected I had become from the world and everyone around me, especially my family. Now I feel renewed! I am able to seek out the best choices for myself and follow my heart once again. I am eternally grateful. I would suggest BodyTalk for anyone who feels overwhelmed or disconnected."


I found Blashka online when I was desparately looking to find a solution to my puppy's digestion problem. Our 5 month old cockapoo puppy had a reoccurring diarrhea for the entire 3 months that we had her. First the vets suspected it was coxidia, a parasite she would have picked up by eating bunny poop, then colitis, then .. we were heading down the road of blood work and costly xrays. She had already had three sets of antibiotics and was completely depleted. She had bladder and stool issues and I was up with her all night long for weeks on end. I was missing work, kids were missing their extracurriculars - it was hell. One visit to Blashka, and Bella, our puppy, made a 360 degree turn around. It was the food!!! Bella was feeling better by that same evening. The most remarkable thing about Blashka is that she's genuinely there to help, you or your furry friend. She's compassionate and loving, and sincerely does not want you to come back. Highest accolades and praise for this wonderful woman!

Murray on distance healing:

I would like to say a few words about Blashka. l met her in 2014 when my work place had a health fair. She has helped me with stress and allergies. She has also treated my wife, twice l believe.. With  recent conditions, Blashka has done distance energy healings on me , meaning we are in different locations and l do feel the energy shift.

Blashka has great energy, she is connected with higher power to heal and help people.

Session on a walk:

Doing an outdoor walking session with Blashka was very beneficial for me. I love nature because it has a positive effect on me and can change my mood, as well as relieve stress.  Being able to see, hear and experience the different aspects of a walk in the woods or by the water is very calming and helps me to see and understand what is in my heart.                                                                       MaryBeth

I’ve never met a more heart-centered healer than Blashka. When my body had been struggling to heal a wound on my face for over two years and my dermatologist said it was finally time to take steps to figure out what was preventing the healing, I contacted Blashka right away. I knew if anyone could help me interpret this message from my body it would be her. Not only did her BodyTalk therapy allow me to get to what felt like the root of the issue (i.e. a lack of self-love and acceptance) and take steps to rectify those feelings but she also shared some calendula from her garden to help speed up the healing of my face. Four days later the scab fell off to reveal healed skin underneath! I can’t recommend Blashka and the magic of her services highly enough.





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