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  • Do you suffer with migraines, constipation, bloating, weight gain, skin problems, lack of energy, arthritis, cancer?


  • Do you suffer with allergies and want them to go away?


  • Have you tried about everything to restore your health and still don’t have results?


  • Are you seeking a health care that is looking for the roots of the health issue and does not only cover the symptoms?


        Then you are in the right place!

I am so glad that you decided to be in charge of your health!


My name is Blashka Novotna and since 2007, I have helped many people live allergy free lives and solve their other health problems  – and I can help you, too!


I believe in a health care that is holistic, that is not focused only on the symptoms, but takes care of your whole being – on mental, emotional, and physical level. Finding the root cause of your health issue is the most important but often overlooked part of the healing process.


Focusing on your health now will not only allow you to live your life to the fullest, but also will save you a lot of money for services, medication/over-the-counter drugs or down the road complications and side effects of the medications for not dealing with this issue right away. 

As my client said after one session for allergy testing and balancing:

"This was one of the smartest investments I have made from both a financial and health perspective."


Make your health a priority!


Since 2005, I have studied Natural Holistic Nutrition, Bioenergetic Intolerance elimination method, muscle biofeedback, Bioenergetic medicine, Chinese elements in our body, Colour therapy, Reiki, BodyTalk and more. On my own, I study homeopathy and herbs.

Putting all this knowledge together gave me great tools to finding the cause of your health issue and balancing the body again. 


Your body has amazing capabilities to heal, just sometimes the inner communication has been disrupted not allowing the body to do so.  I am here to find the cause of that, balance the body and restore the inner coomunication, so it can do its healing miracles once again.



  Blossom of Health, Waterloo, ON or online

weight gain
skin problems...



itchy, watery, red eyes
runny nose
skin problems...



depression, phobias



fibromyalgia, chronic fatique

digestive disorders


viruses & infections

pain, recovery after

injuries and trauma ...

Any health issue

can be addressed

by this method of


with your body.



Are you ready to heal?

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