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Talk to your body!

The answers are within...

Let's learn Muscle Testing!

This is the most important, fascinating skill you will ever learn! 

Imagine you can talk to your body, hear its answers about anything. What it needs to heal, how, what it is missing, what emotions you need to let go of and how. Or what nutrients it needs for proper functioning.

You also learn to ask the right questions and how to connect to another being. 


It is used to determine what you are sensitive/allergic to! Very accurate!


You can connect to your Innate, Higher Self for even deep spiritual answers.

You can use this skill for communication with your pets!

Even your plants, gardeners!

How about channelling your Spirit guides? Yes. That too. And more.

Sounds amazing, doesn't it? 

If you can come in person, it's always the best option. But if that is not possible, I see you online.

In person class: 2hours.Friday, January 13th, Waterloo, ON at 3pm.

Online course: Friday, January 13th at 6:30pm.


Investment in self: $49 by e-transfer. Click on the button to pre-register.

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