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Energy Healing with Crystals

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 In this hands-on workshop, you will learn how to know which chakra is imbalanced/closed and how you can correct it. We purify the aura, cut  possible cords and karmic ties. Learn the most important skill ever- how to communicate with your body and let it pick crystals that will support your physical, emotional and energetic healing and where to place them!. Bring your yoga mat for you to practice, balance yourself and enjoy the powerful energy of the crystals while you meditate and ground yourself.  

When: Saturday, February 11 at 3pm (1.5hrs) or 4:30pm (limited space!)

Where: The Rock Space, 396-B Victoria St. N, Kitchener

To register, please email or click on the button below.

Fee: $65  (if you book by Feb 4th, you will get $10 back to spend on buying crystals at Rockspace:-)

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