Let’s get to the root of your health problems!

Long Distance Healing Session

At this time of self-isolation, there is still help. I can help you with distance healing as I have many people over the years. There is no distance for energy! You will even feel it yourself and notice immediately how much better you feel after. I can do BodyTalk, food sensitivity testing, mineral/vitamin deficiency test, energy healing and anything else your body Innate and Higher Self find beneficial for you. Are you feeling emotional? This is an amazing way to help you quickly!

Free 15-minute Consultation 


I will introduce my services and I will show you how I can find and address the cause of your health issues. You will be amazed how your life can be transformed naturally!

INITIAL VISIT - Combo: Complete Testing +BodyTalk - 2hrs / $140


At this appointment, you will be tested, using effective, painless, muscle biofeedback response to vials with different substances according to your health issue, such as food, pollen, dust, vitamins, minerals, hormones, enzymes, amino acids and much more. That tells you what you might be deficient in, sensitive to or eat too much or not enough of. You learn a lot about yourself. I offer testing for Chinese elements in your body representing organs and body systems and the reasons for their imbalance and what you can do about it. The testing is done many different ways to see what the priority for healing is.

Following is balancing the body using acupressure points and the vials again and set a plan for you healing journey.

BodyTalk is a way to get deeper into the roots of health issues and lets the body guide us to what needs to be balanced, restored, eliminated for the body to heal.



This includes testing for around 80 pollens of trees, grasses and weeds, outdoor and indoor mold, household toxins (dust, dust mites, perfumes, cleaning products…), pets (hair, saliva, litter), bees, wasps, and vitamins and minerals that support the immune system and a stress hormone.

Balancing the body using safe painless method using acupressure points.





Testing for 100 food substances (plus dairy proteins, lactose, peanut proteins, gluten), Food-born mold, Food additives, Digestive enzymes, Minerals and Vitamins, Fat metabolism.


Balancing the body using safe painless method using acupressure points.





Testing for your pet's food/ingredients, household toxins (dust/mites, cleaning products etc.),  pollen (grasses, weeds, trees). 


Testing for emotional state and releasing the emotions.


Using Body Talk, we can find more about their health problem. 



Have you ever wondered if you really have to take all the supplements in your cupboard? What if you need half of them or a different dose? What if you are not absorbing some of them and are just wasting your money? Why not ask your body directly which ones are needed, which ones it are not and what the right dose for you is? Bring your supplements and make your life easier.


ACCESS BARS - 1hr / $60


Whether you admit it or not, our life is full of self-limiting beliefs that keep us from growing and enjoying life and living in abundance. Your limiting  beliefs come from all parts of life, how we were raised, what we chose to belief as the truth and we live by them every day. Do you wish you had more money? But think deep down that money is evil, that there is not enough, that it does not grow on trees or that you do not deserve it? The same you might think about happiness, success, love, health etc. Access Bars is a technique using several points on your head that correspond to different belief centres and can release those beliefs, the judgement, the drama in your life. You will be able to observe life situation without the emotional attachment and upset and live free, happy and above all in abundance just the way we were meant to. Because we are worthy and deservingit. Don't believe it? Then hit the button below :-)


DORN METHOD - 2hrS / $150

This method originated in Germany and I went to study it in Europe. It is for aligning all the joints in the body and the spine. 

It's a holistic, effective, safe a non-manipulative therapy to correct misalignments in the spine and joints and the True Self Hep Method.

Lower back pain can be quickly released when you learn how to correct your hip position with an easy exercise you can do at home.

Once the body's "foundation" is aligned (hips, knees, ankles), only then it makes sense to align the spine, shoulders, hands, fingers. The session is wrapped up with a relaxing Breuss spinal massage using St. John's worth oil which warms and nourishes the spine. This massage gently an safely stretches, nourishes, aligns an energizes the back. It's useful for severe sciatica pain where it helps to take the tension and pain away.

From my own experience when pulling weeds in the garden the whole day, my lower back pain was so bad that I could not sleep at night. I did the exercise for hips an the pain was immediately gone. It took 2 minutes to release the tension an return to the normal state of health-pain free.

I can align your boy and teach you to do some of it yourself.



Ancient healing that have been used in Ancient Egypt, China, and the Middle East. This method uses cups that suck the skin to promote circulation.  Cupping has many health benefits for pain, headaches, skin problems, cellulite, wrinkles, varicose veins, respiratory congestion, immune system and more. 

It's painless and safe.

Breuss Spine Massage- 45 min / $40

This massage gently an safely stretches, nourishes, aligns and energizes the back. It's useful for severe sciatica pain where it helps to take the tension and pain away. It's using St. John's Worth oil which is warming and the discs are nourished like the sponge given water. 




BodyTalk APPOINTMENT - 1hr / $70


All types of stress (physical, emotional, environmental, etc.) cause breakdowns in body's already busy lines of communication.

A symptom is the last stage of imbalance - the body is calling out for help - it needs to be heard.


BodyTalk is letting the body speak to identify these breakdowns and restores communication, helping the body to heal itself.Body talk session is fully guided by body’s innate wisdom that prioritizes what needs to be done, connected, or released at the session.

Easy, relaxing session using mucle biofeedback and light tapping technique.

Long distance BodyTalk available. Amazing results.




If you had a previous appointment for food or environmental testing, this appointment offers a retest of what had been balanced previously plus additional testing.

We will test for food combinations as those are also many time the reasons for bloating and digestive upset. Also can find ingredients that you cannot combine and which are unique to you (such as some people cannot combine wheat and baking powder for example).

If you take supplements and would like to know if you need to take them, how much, for how long and whether you can absorb them or not, can also be tested at this appointment.

Chinese elements (weakened organs, body system, negative emotions).

Chakra testing and balancing using colour therapy.


Have you tried all the diets out there that are always changing like no fats, no carbs, high protein etc. just to find out that your friend lost some weight but not you? So unfair... but when you think about it, every body is unique and has different needs to improve metabolism and start burning fat. Your body might need to avoid completely different foods than you think and add some new ones that will help you achieve your goal. For two weeks, I asked my body when and what exactly to eat (I introduced a new vegetable to my diet, got new recipes from my own body!) and just by doing that, I lost 5 lbs in less than two weeks without any other effort. Then I started to exercise gently, learned a lot more about how the body speeds up metabolism and I am constantly and safely loosing weight and still enjoying a chocolate when I feel like it, although my cravings went away when I "listened" to my body. It was choosing such foods that would help me not to have any cravings.

I can help you too! I will ask your body by muscle testing and we will create a 2 week menu with anything else that would help you, like what type of exercise (usually very easy and gentle) it requires and how often, fasting time, how many times a day you need to eat, what time, when should you eat the last meal, how much water is good for you (too little and too much water is bad for your body). What supplement, herbs, if any, would support reaching your goal.


This is the way of eating that has guaranteed results! Your body knows best how to become fit, healthy, lean and younger.

I will teach you a gentle exercise routine for flexibility, strength, abdomen, creating nice waist again, Qi gong moves for inner balance and peace, meridian work on charging energy Qi and supporting your organs. Also meditation, positive thinking, new beliefs, loving self and manifestation of abundance in your life.

 I want you to start youthing instead of aging!

Your chronological and biological age can be so different! You can be 50 years old and your body's cells as old as a 70 year old person but you can switch that and be 50 and have a body of a 30 year old. It is possible, it is proven that we can still rebuild our strength, stamina, memory, the whole body. And that's my quest. If you want to join me, I teach you and guide you through exercises to improve your memory, remembering people's names, remember your shopping list without writing it down...creating a super brain!

I studied coaching developed by Tony Robins and team, Studied Courses with best memory experts like Jim Kwik and fitness instructors and am ready to coach you into the best body, health and well-being you are capable of. Stop believing the nonsense that at certain age you are going down the hill and just aging with no hope of feeling awesome and strong and healthy. Your beliefs also play a role, but we can change them also. Most of the body regenerates and rebuilds! Nothing is lost.  You cannot expect  different results if you keep living and eating the same way! So book an appointment with me, so that within days you start loosing weight, feeling more energy and in weeks, moths and years, you recreate your body completely new (at least most of it).  I am ready to be there for you as Your Super Body coach, so you are not in it alone. Let's take action and create a super body, mind and spirit of loving your body, yourself and your life! It is all in your hands...




Energy healing that brings Light and Information to which your body resonates and remembers how to be whole and healthy. Visit Youtube, Eric Pearl for more information. 



I have created a meditation where you walk inside your own body to the parts that need healing. This proves to be a powerful way of connecting with the body and letting it heal itself with your help. 

Other meditations are to visit Akashic record, or meet your Soul or Angels/family that passed etc. to heal, to get answers, peace, to forgive and let go, to connect with God/That Which is, Past life regression, Visit Your Future and more.

SHAMANIC HEALING $70/hour rate

Ancient healing that have been passed down for thousands of years. It's been used for healing and spiritual development.

I have been attuned to Shamanic Template and received many symbols very specific for distance healing, emergency, help for dying people, past lives, animals, and more. I have found out that many of those methods I have been using already in sessions (power animals, meeting with spirits, clearing entities, nature spirits, crystals, saging, plant energy, tree spirits which I took a course for as well etc.). 

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