Yes, your body talks!

We all learn the basics about our physical bodies at school, maybe you learn about the existence of your soul at church, your own mind might not be understood the whole life as we all see the world through many lenses and filters created by our own beliefs, experiences, attitudes and do not understand why we behave certain way in certain situations, or limit ourselves so much. So little do we know about ourselves.

We tend to separate the body, mind and spirit parts of us, and most people don’t even care about their existence until…your body starts to speak. First it whispers and we don’t pay attention. But when it starts to scream, just like a child, it gets our attention. And maybe we react the same to both-yelling.

The body uses headaches, migraines, pain, skin problems, indigestion, insomnia, allergies, etc. to communicate with you.

What most people do? Take a painkiller as a message: “Shut up, body!”

So your body is quiet, but the problem it tried to bring up is growing bigger every day. And maybe one day you’ll be surprised when something much worse than a headache shows up.

Today’s health care looks at the symptoms, covers it up with medication, or removes a body part thinking that should fix the problem. Others may talk to you about your mind and your feelings, not taking care of other parts of you. Some work on energy level and balance your meridians hoping that would fix the problem. So you go from one to another, looking for answers.

The best is to learn the language of your own body. Not to cover the symptom, but to know what its meaning is- for example when you have a headache, ask yourself: “Have I slept enough? Am I drinking enough water? Am I stressed a lot? Am I missing nutrients for my brain?“, instead of covering it up with pain killers. Sometimes just drinking lemon water, breathing and resting is all your body is asking for. Or you need someone to help you figure it out.

Since the understanding of quantum physics and how everything is interconnected and interdependent to everything, there is finally a system that understands these connections on all levels; that every microscopic part of your body knows exactly what every other part of your body is doing and is responding accordingly. It uses the body’s innate wisdom that knows about disconnection in the body and which parts stopped communicating together and why. It just needs help to remember how to fix it. Sometimes it is our belief that’s in the way. Using muscle biofeedback as a way of communicating with your body and light tapping methods, the communication is restored and the body can start self-healing process. It is called BodyTalk.

I had a client who could not sleep being woken up many times to visit the bathroom. As a result, he was very tired and it was stressful to deal with daily work. He suffered with allergies as well. So at least 2 medications could have been prescribed to stop the symptoms. (He was actually taking one for allergies.)

Or looking deeper: the client was dehydrated on a cellular level and all the water he drank was just going “through”, not getting to the cells. Water is very important for the existence of the cell. So lots of need to urinate, even at night. His immune system was lacking the water the most and maybe overreacting to pollen, developing allergies. Emotions were present that as frequencies can block pathways of communication or energy meridians and could have been also the reason for this to develop.

One BodyTalk session and he is sleeping, not going to the bathroom at night and no need to take allergy medications. There was no need for diagnosis, as the body knew what the problem was and after the session was able to start the self-healing process on its own.

Why is this working? Because we do not guess, diagnose, misdiagnose or have our own agenda to what the health issue is about. We simply listen to the body that knows so much more than any scientific research so far.

The answers are within……BodyTalk

With deep respect to the body,

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