Sensitive? Maybe you just don't know it yet...

You might think you do not have any intolerance to food or environment. What if you do, just not knowing it?

Do you feel tired, bloated, have poor memory, get easily sick, have headaches, migraines, eczema, rash, weight gain…?

Anything you do not consider “normal” has to have some reason and maybe it is the food you LOVE to eat. I hear often: “Do not take my cheese away!”; “No, not the chocolate!” when I find these food to be the triggers. Thank goodness, there is a way to balance the body and help it remember that those are foods, not some invaders to fight.

Like one of my clients suffering with migraines every week, lasting couple of days… for 20 years! You would not guess what the cause was. Chicken meat. When I told her, she said: “Oh no, I just ordered 10 lbs of chicken!” She is migraine free now and although still eats chicken, she learned to eat turkey as well.

Sensitivity is not only to food, pollen or your pet. You can be sensitive to a hormone or a mineral.

I have seen women clients suffering for years with low bone density, taking recommended supplements of calcium, magnesium to rebuild the bone.

Has anybody wondered why it has not been helping? Because your body can become sensitive to calcium and forgets how to utilize it, so it puts it somewhere else in the body to deal with it later (kidney stones, bone spurs…). It needs to be taken care of. All my women clients had their tests done again after the balancing and either the doctor said he got wrong patient’s results or could not believe the sudden change in the bone density.

The results were great! So little had to be done.

The body knows what the problem is, just needs a little help to remember how to fix it.

What to do for prevention? Eat everything in MODERATION and do not eat the same food over and over again, every day the same breakfast, the same lunch…VARIETY and above all, HEALTHY FOOD CHOICES.

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