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This week draw for a free 15-minute session of your choice!
January 18-24th, 2024

This is the year of ABUNDANCE, so I am offering a DRAW every day for a week for a FREE 15-minute session offering one of those options below (you can pick). If you are interested in winning, please say "YES" in the email link provided. You will be contacted if you win.

Good luck!



A - Testing mineral/vitamin deficiency and sensitivity (not being able to absorb properly)


B - testing your hormones for imbalance and sensitivity


C - testing your own supplements that you would bring, to see which ones you truly need and how to take them (dosage)


D - Energy healing session based on which one your body picks (Christ Consciousness, Reconnective healing, Divine Love healing, Mintaka crystal healing, Ancient Healing to release low vibrational energies/emotions, 6th-dimensional Healing, Healing with Light Beings)


E - Healing session with crystals (your body picks which ones you need and their position on or beside your body)


F - Testing for elements (Fire, water....) and related organs and meridians and finding the cause of their imbalance (i.e. biochemical, emotional....) For example liver can be imbalanced due to emotions blocking its function (i.e. anger, depression) and/or biochemical imbalance due to food, meds, additives, etc. 


G - testing and balancing your chakras


H - 15 minute BodyTalk - let's have your body talk to you! There is a lot that can be done in 15 minutes! Leave it up to your body to choose what is the priority!


I - let's ask your body what you need to do to reach your goal (for example, to lose weight, to have more energy, to sleep better). This can include specific food to add, avoid/limit, supplements, remedies, specific exercise moves, fasting, and much more)


J - reprogramming limiting beliefs about self-love, worthiness, and bringing abundance into your life. Reprogram the subconscious mind to be more positive.


K - Would you like to know who is on your Spirit team? (from ascended Masters, angels, Archangels, ancestors, Intergalactic Beings, Nature Spirits to Animal Spirit and to know which ones are with you?)


These sessions would be around 15 minutes (yes, I can be fast :-)


L (you'll Love it)- 10% discount if you book an initial visit (2-hour session) where we will do all of the above and more (food sensitivity testing, elimination of sensitivities, testing for more nutrients-enzymes, fatty acids, food additives, and more) plus 1-hour BodyTalk session. If you have insurance for a Registered Nutritionist, you can claim this. The initial visit combo already offers a $30 discount for $150 (minus 10% for you). We will do a lot in those 2 hours from physical to emotional and energetic healing with all the tools I have learned over the past 16 years. That might include even past life regression, healing childhood trauma, and more of my "toolbox" :-)


M - if you would like to learn all of the above and everything else I know (including channeling and more) in my Intuitive Healer Course, I can show you the curriculum of 10 intense lessons, each lesson is 2 hours. You'll see if this resonates with you. You can visit my website (below) for some more information. Our first class starts on January 23rd. If you are interested, please let me know soon.


If you are interested, please let me know which option you chose and what days/times suit you best.  It can be done in-person as well as at a distance!


Looking forward to meeting you and allowing your body to speak to us. That way you can start your journey to better health and wellbeing!

Forest bath with sound healing (coming in spring)


Reconnect To Yourself            and Nature

Forest bathing has become popular all over the world. Our connection with Nature and our inner world is so important for our well being. Now maybe more than ever.


We offer more to this experience by guiding you to release the heaviness of your past  or daily stress so you can walk feeling lighter, more free and ready to hear the answers you are looking for on this meditative walk while connecting with Mother Earth. Learn to be fully in the NOW moment. Our connection will be even deeper with Veronika playing a flute in the woods. She is a wonderful musician. 


After that, we invite you to relax, meditate or take a spiritual journey with sound bath using special instruments and breathing techniques that Rachelle offers while Blashka will bring the healing energy of the Divine unconditional Love. Sound healing is being called the future medicine.  Let's be ahead of time and give our body this vibrational miracle now.


Let's reconnect, celebrate life and our Oneness with Nature and each other!


We are so looking forward to taking this path with you! Please bring yoga mat or a blanket for the sound bath. And a pillow for more comfort if you wish.


Blashka and Rachelle


Blashka is an Intuitive Healer and Rachelle is a musician and sound bath therapist.

Date: Thursday, June 2nd at 6:30pm (1.5-2 hours)

Location: Monarch Woods, Kitchener (Fisher-Hallman and Victoria St. area, Stoke Dr. Red line on the pic shows where to park.

Fee: $45 cash or e-transfer 

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