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Garden Herbal Workshop

I'd like to invite you to my garden to explore herbs and other plants and their amazing healing properties. Come learn how to make your own wound healing ointment, antiviral tincture, take home an unusual plant for winter colds, originally from Africa that can be either decorative plant in your home or be used for cooking, syrups, tea for its anti-inflammatory property, Vit C, A and omega 6. Meet the Plectranthus. Learn about wild herbs and their use, and how to create a very easy earache remedy from them, many edibles you might not know about and taste them. Meet a nutritionally dense weed that gives you lots of minerals naturally. Learn more about the hidden treasures of the Earth's garden.

Thursday September 3, 2020 at  2pm (max 5 people)
Saturday Sept. 5 at 2pm, weather permitting

To register, email or text 226-749-2439


Breast Health Workshop for Women

Ladies, keeping your breasts healthy is important. Let's learn what herbs to use for a breast health tea and taste it freshly made. We learn to make a herbal tea that helps the lymphatic drainage. Also how you can make a breast massage oil. I teach you to do your own lymphatic drainage massage. We learn what emotions settle in breasts and how to release them. Learn about estrogen dominance and its balancing. Breasts are part of your heart chakra. Many of us live with self limiting beliefs of lack of self love and self worth. Would you like to change these beliefs in your subconsciouss mind and finally start loving yourself? Prepare for life changing experience! Remember, your health and happiness are in your hands.

Thursday 5pm
Saturday 5pm

Register by email: or text 226-749-2439

Fee: $15


Reconnect To Yourself and Nature

It's Time to Reconnect to Yourself and Nature


We live such busy lives that we forgot to listen to our own guidance and got disconnected from Nature. Mother Earth is offering us help: to destress, to harmonize us and for those with open mind, even offers answers and messages.

One day my friend couldn't come for our planned walk in a forest and I knew nothing happens for no reason, so I completely let go of my ego, connected to the woods and let nature guide me. It was one of the best walks I've ever had. I discovered lots of things and saw 14 turtles which other people going by have not even noticed. I was guided and learned that willow tree is helping to let go of grief just to learn later in a course that that's exactly what Celtic people believed in long time ago.

On my first forest bathing/forest therapy walk I received so many messages from plants, trees and even received a gift from nature- an initiation to a new energy/ knowledge that I now use in my client's session and they strongly feel shifting, gratitude and balance.

I want you to give yourself a chance to walk with You and Nature to release what you are ready to let go of, balance, feel grounded, surrounded with All There Is and maybe even find answers to your deepest questions. After all, all the answers are within. So let's reach that Wisdom and Love inside.
This walk will be followed by a sound therapy lead by Rachelle playing instruments, a drum, crystal singing bowl and other tools, chanting and movement guided by your body and meditation and some singing :-)
It will end by sharing (if you want) your experience and learnings.
There is a gift for you at the end to remind you of this reconnection and experience.

There is nothing better than be in nature in silence, so finally you can hear.

Date: Friday August 30th at 6pm (2hours)
Location: It's a trail starting off Rush Meadow Crescent, close to Huron Rd, Kitchener. The entrance is beside the house #573 Rush Meadow crescent. That's our meeting point.
Fee: $15. Space limited.

To register, please contact me (Blashka) at or 226-749-2439